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Our Products
Cricket Tennis Balls
CTB-101 HRS GOOGLY Cricket Tennis Balls
The HRS Googly is a new age high performance cricket tennis ball. Made from the selected top grade rubber material and covered with an international quality woolen felt, it is the most durable and strong tennis ball with superior bounce and long lasting performance.
CTB-102 HRS maruti GOLD
CTB-102 HRS maruti GOLD Cricket Tennis Balls
India’s most preferred tennis ball, the HRS Maruti Gold is the choice of millions. With its consistent and durable performance, it has become the No.1 cricket tennis ball. Made from superior quality raw materials, this ball passes the most stringent quality checks before going in the hands of its lovers.
CTB-103 HRS maruti CRICKET
CTB-103 HRS maruti CRICKET Tennis Balls
The HRS Maruti Cricket is the original light weigh tennis ball. Made from a specially formulated construction, it is covered with a high quality floro yellow colour superior woolen felt. With its high bouncing properties and unparalleled performance game after game, it has become everyone’s first choice.
CTB-104  HRS maruti SPIN
CTB-104  HRS maruti SPIN Cricket Tennis Balls
The Lifetime Cricket Tennis Ball, Spin is a special all weather-proof composite ball with a solid inner core covered with high quality woolen felt. It is puncture proof, non deflating, split resistant and has an enduring firmness. Having a lower bounce matching to a cricket ball it is an ideal safe play ball & good for practice.
CTB-105  HRS maruti CRAZY
CTB-105  HRS maruti CRAZY Cricket Tennis Balls
A good quality affordable tennis ball, the Crazy is a popular ball amongst children’s for regular cricket play. Made from a good quality rubber material and covered with a woolen felt it gives considerable performance game after game.
CTB-106  HRS maruti CLUB
CTB-106 HRS maruti CLUB Cricket Tennis Balls
Budget price tennis ball made from standard quality rubber and covered with woolen felt. The club is a value for money product and performs well in all types of playing conditions.
CTB-107 PROMOTIONAL BALL Cricket Tennis Balls
Decent quality cricket tennis balls used for promotions by many reputed MNC’s & corporate houses for more than 3 decades now. Choose from woolen felt covered or cotton felt covered as per your target price. Also used for general cricket play as it is the most economically priced cricket tennis ball.
An excellent starters practice ball for the game of cricket. With a similar construction to a tennis ball but with a cricket seam and regular bounce, this is an ideal first ball for the school children who want to learn the skills of the game and get ready for training right from the beginning. So go ahead and play the ‘pro’ way.

A bigger size fun play tennis ball made from good quality rubber material and covered with woolen felt. Made in good looking combination colours and a circumference of about 410 mm it is ideal for use by children, dogs or adults for general fun play and enjoyment


Good quality small size Mini tennis ball made from good quality rubber material and covered with woolen felt. Ideal for small children fun play, product promotions or just as miniatures.

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